Should I get my staff more training?

October 31, 2017 by
Should I get my staff more training?
Lighthouse IT Solutions, Matthew Almendinger

No one truly enjoys spending their hard-earned cash. (Especially on other people...) But as a business, that is a huge part in development and growth of the company. You have to spend money to make money, right? Training is no exception. We just try to make that blow a little softer.

SO which courses do employees need the most? What would be the most effective?

As a tech company, we are consultants for many bigger companies. That puts us in a unique spot to see how other businesses function and how they do their continued education. We have noticed that many business owners buy software to fix issues, which is great! (Supporting tech development is a strong way to grow.) But a lot of companies do not follow through with their staff training to use those products. The education you get for your staff should be focused on programs that you already use. The Microsoft Office suite is one of the most used software packages to date. When you apply for a job, it is basically expected of you to already know some of these products. Most times employers like you to have a specialization in at least one of them too.

So why spend money on new products when you have these others that probably meet your needs? Some business owners consider the decision and may not understand what program suites like Microsoft Office 365 have to offer. They think they can increase efficiency by getting "better" software, but in reality, their staff probably just needs training on the programs they already own. This infographic from Shift is a great resource for business owners and employees alike to explain the importance of education in the workplace.

We live in a world immersed in software that makes not only our businesses, but our lives dependent upon it. That makes the greatest key to success is by learning how to fully utilize and navigate the software that powers the modern age. For us, the best investment a business can make in their staff is through continued education. This is why, at Lighthouse IT Solutions, we partner with businesses and employees to dive deeper in the software that drives their success.

Our Navigate Training Retreats are built on the following pillars:

  • Focused. Classes should be the focus of the event. There are no BMVs, malls, or Apple Stores near our training facility in Elmore Ohio -- and that's on purpose. By creating a relaxing and uninterruptable atmosphere, you or your staff can efficiently concentrate on what is being learned.
  • Engaging. Courses should not be stuffy or clinical. Rather, it should be entertaining and fun - and relevant, which allows our participants to retain more from their course.
  • Valuable. It should be accessible. By making our costs lower than the competition, we know that you'll see return much faster.

We are offer many classes, so come check it out!

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