Why Documentation Can Streamline Any Business

November 7, 2017 by
Why Documentation Can Streamline Any Business
Lighthouse IT Solutions, Matthew Almendinger

Benefits of having a Knowledge-base

As an IT company, we see the internal affairs of many different businesses. A general theme that we see is that companies without some sort of way to track their information, do not last very long. We use a platform called Hudu to manage all the information for our clients and our own internal data. Documentation for any business is a vital part of their success as a whole. It can assist and streamline many processes that may otherwise be time consuming or unwieldy. Some applications that use documentation include organization, training and back-ups.


Organization is by far the most used application of documentation as most of the time these two go hand in hand. Many software programs are designed for the organization of documents, which makes valuable information like receipts or invoices easier to look up and find. Also, if anyone in the company creates or learns anything of value, they can very easily type up their information and catalog it in the software. Organization is already an important part of a business's ability to function and adding documentation can bring efficiency up by significant margins.

Training, The next benefit of documentation

Much like googling questions, documentation if done correctly can teach the basics of any special program the company may use. This in turns allows for the people who otherwise would have to take time out of their work schedule to train a recruit. With documentation being used as a start point, it means that the trainee would not have to ask many trivial questions as they may have material to look back on for reference.

Documentation and Back-ups

Back-ups are another important reason to document. Documentation allows for the tracking of back-up dates to make sure the company isn't behind. Documentation also allows for vital information to be stored in the cloud, making sure it does not have a chance of getting lost or destroyed. Archiving is another word for this type of business continuity, as the important information is stored safely, and the revisions/edits are stored as well.

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