Harmony with Collaboration & Communication Tools in Office 365

September 14, 2017 by
Harmony with Collaboration & Communication Tools in Office 365
Lighthouse IT Solutions, Matthew Almendinger

Communication in the work place can be difficult,

but being able to converse with team-members and understand their roles is necessary to getting projects completed on time. There are so many tools out there that can help minimize the headaches and make sure deadlines are met.

So how can small business collaboration and small business communication tools like SharePoint, Yammer, and even Skype for Business change how my company operates?

Having an office that promotes spontaneous collaboration is great, but this can lead to interruption and distractions. While using better communication tools, the first thing most people do in the morning is check Yammer and get an idea of what's going on across the company. Yammer is sort of like a bulletin board because it allows you to post about things going on in the company as well as seeing what your co-workers have been writing. For workers that always need to be focused, usually enjoy things like Skype and Yammer because they can choose when they want to read peer's questions and comments. Co-workers yelling across the office is a bit harder to ignore.

On the other hand, Skype is much more of a real-time, instant communication tool. It has instant messaging as well as sounds and video calling. Useful when it's not formal enough for an email, but should be addressed timely.

SharePoint allows staff to exchange files, but also access them where ever they are, whenever they need them. It is basically an online storage for your computer, which is what everyone refers to as, the cloud. You can set permissions of who can read each file or folder, and even grant people access to change things.

Teams chat combines most of the above by giving quick access to all those tools and more. There is a chat function within Teams as well, but it is much better when you know the other party may not be able to look at your message right away, since it is more asynchronous. It's a casual conversation platform that simply makes communicating easier.

There may not be a single tool the fixes all the communication problems teams face, but there is a toolkit that can greatly help. Office 365 includes all the office programs you know and love, with a suite of helpful additions such as the ones previously mentioned.

There is no one size fits all program when collaborating with Microsoft Office 365 Groups, but here is a great infographic to help explain these great pieces of software a little better.


And if you're curious about Office 365 and what more it has to offer, our clients and us use it all the time through our Harmony suite, so let's talk about how you can apart of it all!

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