Cyber Attack on FireEye, Influencers Under Pressure & Daytime TV Ads

December 11, 2020 by
Cyber Attack on FireEye, Influencers Under Pressure & Daytime TV Ads
Lighthouse IT Solutions, Matthew Almendinger

The Lighthouse IT Podcast - DECEMBER 11th, 2020

This week, Matt and Griffin go over the recent attack on the huge cyber security company, FireEye and their Red Team tools. In marketing news, they cover some developments in the influencer marketing world as well as interesting Daytime TV statistics.

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Security News

FireEye and their Red Team tools

The cybersecurity giant, FireEye, was recently hit with a cyber attack in which there was unauthorized access to their suite of tools used to evaluate the security posture of enterprise systems. In other words, this highly sophisticated threat actor took tools from this company who could then use them maliciously. Luckly, FireEye has released two blog posts with more information and a GitHub repository for detection countermeasures. This was certainly an expensive incident for them though, as well as embarrassing, time consuming, and stressful.


Marketing News

Could Influencer Marketing help your business?

It seems Influencer marketing has gotten much bigger because of Covid, and not the other way around. So much so that in a HypeAuditor survey, 66% of them reported feeling increased pressure to create content right now and 64% of those said that's because there are more influencers to compete with since the pandemic started. On the brand's side though, 69% of agencies said they have more influencers to choose from since Covid-19 hit, reinforcing that number. 62% of those said sales increased when they started working with influencers rather than traditional online advertising campaigns, with as much as 40% reporting better engagement results. So while it may not be a good time to become an influencer, it sure is a good time to utilize the influx of people making a living as one.


Daytime TV Watching Habits

With the whole work-from-home movement being decently established now and kids continuing school online from their homes, the TV seems to be on much more than usual. What's weird is that it's been on during the daytime, which has been a huge shift from what used to be considered 'primetime'. Because of this shift, placing an ad on TV (even Hulu with their small-business support or other streaming services) during the day may actually be more profitable than it was a few months ago. While there isn't much on whether or not this is just distracted viewing, engagement has been up, so it seems worth it. Capitalizing on Covid themes has been helping with engagement as well, by the way.