Why Are Businesses Transitioning to Cloud Desktops?

February 18, 2022 by
Why Are Businesses Transitioning to Cloud Desktops?
Lighthouse IT Solutions, Matthew Almendinger

Business has changed how it operates, so we are changing how you can do business.

Not everyone has the time to research the highest spec hardware, let alone the money to spend on the inflated costs nowadays. However, everyone still wants to take advantage of modern hardware's incredible processing power, capacity, and reliability.

Lighthouse IT Solutions is now offering a way to get the best of both worlds! Access a full desktop experience with incredible hardware through just an internet connection via Harmony's Cloud.

Have an old laptop, tablet, phone, or Chromebook? As long as they can open a browser and have an internet connection, they'll work. Access your PC through any browser, allowing any device to be a portal to your desktop. Let us stream your work experience so that you can come back to exactly where you left off, wherever you want, however you want.

All your apps, content, and settings are ready when you are, and with integrated Lighthouse Insight management & security, we'll be there too.

Need to offload system-intensive workloads and applications onto our hardware? Or maybe you simply want to make it accessible from anywhere? We offer a variety of solutions that can be mixed to suit whatever needs. That custom built software from 10 years ago that is still hosted on a slow server can now be migrated into the cloud and made faster and more accessible.

While Harmony's Cloud is typically hosted on our servers at a reputably local ISP, we recognize that this does not fit every client's needs. We offer alternative hosting methods such as on-site hosting, allowing the ability to lease or purchase compatible hardware. Prefer to use a public cloud service? Plus, we can always host Harmony's Cloud through Microsoft Azure.

Harmony's Cloud is designed to integrate with our complete solutions stack. All of the usual benefits in our standard Harmony's Cloud solutions will continue alongside the new solutions provided through Harmony's Cloud.

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