Introducing Harmony Cloud

September 17, 2021 by
Introducing Harmony Cloud
Lighthouse IT Solutions, Matthew Almendinger

What is Harmony Cloud?

Leveraging our knowledge of client needs over the past two decades, we have been able to design cloud solutions specifically for businesses like yours. Meaning Harmony Cloud can be a hosted infrastructure at a fraction of the cost of public clouds providers. Using a scalable and redundant infrastructure, your business gets turn-key access to high-performing hardware without any upfront investment.

Harmony Cloud represents the pinnacle of our Harmony philosophy - providing simple, robust solutions that are available from anywhere. Plus, Harmony Cloud is designed to integrate with our full stack of solutions, providing you with the most complete user experience of all of our solutions.

Meet the next evolution of your business' computing.

Harmony Cloud is built upon our Harmony philosophy by providing effortless flexibility and peace of mind to you and your staff. Moving your workloads and electronic processes to the Harmony Cloud allows your team to work from anywhere without ever worrying about purchasing another server again. And with the Harmony Cloud doing all the heavy lifting, you don't need to invest in expensive or bulky PCs. Use long-lasting thin-clients, repurposed computers, tablets (such as iPad or Android), or even cost-effective Chromebooks. These systems also represent an increase in security by using hardened Operating Systems that reduce your exposure to ransomware.

Harmony Cloud is not only designed to be highly redundant and scalable but flexible, too, by allowing you to run our stack on your premises.

If you're ready to do business anywhere, read on...

Benefits and capabilities:

  • Work From Anywhere using our secure broker service via Software Client or from a web browser
  • Offload Demanding Applications and Workloads and quickly scale up as necessary
  • Replace aging infrastructure with no capital investment (except HC On-Site)
  • Simplify license management
  • Utilize low-cost endpoint options (such as Chromebooks, tablets, or old PCs) without impacting user experience.

Experience Strategies:


  • Used for virtualizing the entire desktop experience for your users. Users are assigned virtual desktops in our infrastructure and can access them anywhere using the Harmony Desktop or Client software.


  • Used for hosting workloads and applications either individually or in a client-specific shared desktop (known as Remote Desktop Session Host - formerly Terminal Services)
  • Utilizes the Parallels Client to simplify connectivity and streamline the user experience. Shared applications can even be treated as native applications to the endpoint computer.

Please note that both CloudApp and CloudDesk can be mixed on all platforms based on user requirements.

Hosting Strategies:

Interested in Harmony Cloud benefits, but not sure about leveraging our hardware stack? No problem!

Harmony Cloud - On-Site

HC On-Site allows clients to lease or purchase compatible cluster hardware. We'll install the Harmony Cloud software on your premises. The systems, support, and software will all be managed by Lighthouse, so you won't have to worry about it! You'll also soon be able to replicate your infrastructure to Harmony Cloud for ultimate redundancy.

Harmony Cloud - Azure Edition

Ready for cloud, but prefer a Public Cloud Offering?

HC Azure Edition allows clients to utilize Microsoft Azure to host the Harmony Cloud stack using one of the leaders in the Public Cloud Space.

Harmony Cloud represents the pinnacle of our Harmony philosophy

If you want to discuss it with us, we can have a chat whenever is best for you!

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