Voice as an Application: Why is it time to think VoIP?

October 3, 2017 by
Voice as an Application: Why is it time to think VoIP?
Lighthouse IT Solutions, Matthew Almendinger

What if your email only worked on a special computer? Or even only in your office?

Something amazing happens when communication becomes an application. It is no longer hindered by traditional constructs, instead it becomes a tool that enables your staff to encounter your clients anywhere. It is a single point that allows them to reach you wherever you are and lets you deliver a unique customer experience.

However, email is quickly becoming impersonal and customers are seeking more than just perfectly worded text or automated email responses. They're looking for someone on the other end.

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The fact is, communication by phone is becoming more important than ever.

Voice has long been a limited method of communicating with your clients and sometimes even expensive. It requires costly phone lines, proprietary hardware, and someone in your office to answer it. They are often complicated and not nearly as "go with the flow" convenience that email can provide.

What if voice became an application, just like email? You would no longer be stuck using expensive, proprietary hardware and you would be limited only by your access to the internet.

With voice as an application, you can place and receive calls, just as if you were at your desk from anywhere, listen to your voicemails, even customize how calls are reached to you with a simple tap or click.

As an application, voice can route calls for you and even change call routing based on business hours or holidays.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) also eliminates vendor lock-in. Brands can even be mixed and matched to deliver the best experience for your team.

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