Stroke Life Center - Northwestern Ohio

November 28, 2017 by
Stroke Life Center - Northwestern Ohio
Matthew Almendinger

Our friends over at Stroke Life Center have been trying very hard this year to build a name for themselves, but they have been working for many more years on their real goal... Helping those that have been through a stroke. Most people are only a couple degrees from someone they know that has had a stroke. Stroke Life Center is an organization founded by two survivors themselves who felt that life after a stroke was not being addressed outside of traditional healthcare and rehabilitation.

As of now, they are one of the only three post-rehabilitation facilities in the United States. Located near us in North-Western Ohio, we have had a great relationship getting their organization off the ground and running towards their goal. (Though we have really played a back-end role being IT guys.)


The mission is to enhance the lives of stroke survivors and their families in the post-rehabilitation world with continuing life skill development, targeting the unique challenges of life after a stroke. They are a non-profit organization receiving no government funding.


To provide post rehabilitation opportunities for stroke survivors to build life skills in:

  • Exercise / Physical wellness
  • Mental acuity
  • Communication
  • Everyday tasks

They wish to expand the social networks of stroke survivors and their caregivers, while providing education and support to them and their families.

"Through our own journey, we have learned that it takes persistence to gain strength and improve your abilities. Join us in learning how to deal with the day-to-day challenges in life after a stroke. We have discovered that you can continue to progress each day, living life in a new way. Our vision for the Stroke Life Center is one that includes providing a variety of group classes, fitness programs, and community outings aimed at promoting wellness and positive outlooks. Each survivor will be welcomed in a supportive atmosphere with others who understand because we are experiencing the same challenges."

-Sue and Cindy

They host Support Group Meetings for stroke survivors and caregivers to discuss issues confronting daily experiences. Topics include unique challenges to survivors, solutions discovered to everyday problems, and group discussion of individual's issues. The purpose is to provide socialization, speech development, and sharing of ideas to make life more enjoyable and manageable.

Find out more on their website.

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The meetings are open to anyone that a stroke has affected.