How secure is your network?

February 16, 2018 by
How secure is your network?
Matthew Almendinger

Do You Know Where Your Company's Network Should Be the Most Protected?

Network security is arguably the most important aspect of any growing company. Passwords, permissions, directories, logs and more can all be used against you if they are not secure and well protected. With a risk assessment of your network, all we need to do is run a non-invasive data collector on your domain server and let a data analyzer crunch the network data to produce security reports.

Your network is only as safe as its weakest link.

After we have done the assessment of your network, we will give you a score based on how good or poor it is, but the bigger the weakness, the more impactful on the score. For instance, an inactive computer is a security risk, but carries less of a concern than having no antivirus installed on another machine.

These are the potential threats we scan for:

  • User password set to never expire
  • Inactive computers
  • Anti-spyware not installed
  • Anti-virus not installed
  • User has not logged on to domain 30 days
  • Potential disk space issue
  • Insecure listening ports
  • Unsupported operating systems
  • Lack of redundant domain controller
  • Operating system in Extended Support
  • Un-populated organization units.

These are categories that may contain issues:

  • Internet Speed Test Results - Up/Down
  • Server Aging
  • Workstation Aging
  • Total Discovered Assets
  • Active Computers
  • All Computers
  • Inactive Computers
  • Users
  • Storage


By performing regular security health checks, we can help you protect your assets, guard against downtime, and help you sleep better at night. Think about it like taking your car to check the filters, belts, and fluid levels, just in case. Catching little problems before they become big ones is basically the reason of a managed service. Updating and patching issues can be done as often as you see fit, as you can never be too secure with your network. (Unless it becomes sentient and you just made an impenetrable nightmare for yourself... But that won't happen for a few years. Probably.)

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