What's a Network Risk Assessment & why should I get one?

September 26, 2017 by
What's a Network Risk Assessment & why should I get one?
Lighthouse IT Solutions, Matthew Almendinger

Your network is only as safe as its weakest link.

Network Risk Assessments are akin to a doctor's wellness check, as they don't need to be done often, but that does not mean you should skip them outright. These assessments do a full scan of everything in your environment, (all devices and users are checked) this then gives back data based on the conducted scan including; risks/issues associated with the network, internet speed tests, computer activity, user activity, and storage analytics.

By far the most important part of a Network Risk Assessment is the risk and issue score, since this is the basis for how much work needs to be done and how quickly it should get completed. The risk score is determined by the most glaring weakness of the network. (Your network protection is only as strong as the weakest link.) The issue score, on the other hand, is a sum of all the risks on the network. Some risks could include; not having anti-virus, password not set to expire, or an inactive account.

Network assessments can also give insight as to the status of devices on the network. (Computers or users can be deemed inactive if they haven't checked in after a month.) Computer and server age is given in terms of months. This is important because older devices often can't support newer updates/operating systems making them a larger risk.

Why is getting a network assessment a good idea?

For starters, it is free so there is no investment. (All you have to do is apply for one below!) However, it also shows where a company is in terms of technical health. It can look into whether action is necessary or not because if a risk and issue score are low it's possible that you can hold off for a while. If the risk/issue score are higher though, it is a good idea to start implementing a solution to make sure the company is running smoothly.

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