Will 2020 have a normal Black Friday, Cyber Monday, & Giving Tuesday?

November 25, 2020 by
Will 2020 have a normal Black Friday, Cyber Monday, & Giving Tuesday?
Lighthouse IT Solutions, Matthew Almendinger

The Lighthouse IT Podcast - November 25th, 2020

This week, Matt and Griffin review what their predictions for this holiday season. Will Black Friday ever be the same? What societal changes may result from a pandemic during the holidays?

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Thanksgiving is a traditional holiday filled with good food and even better people. With the social distance and party limitation guidelines, some of us may have to rethink our table settings.

What are some ways to turn a social separation into a wholesome family event? Some families are choosing to host "Zoom Thanksgiving" over video chat. Others are getting creative with their in-person events by distancing the tables and being extra cautious when serving. No matter what your choice is, take a moment to embrace this holiday. Be thankful.

So, what happens after Thanksgiving? Black Friday! The exact opposite of thankfulness — but that put aside, our team is curious how this event will play out this year. Normally, you can find lines out to the streets from a store front with crowded isles. That method is likely to dissipate this year in order to follow state health guidelines. With this we've seen some store implement a more stretched out "deal days" so that they can limit crowds.

On the other hand, some stores are closing on Black Friday all-together. While this can be hard to perceive from a financial standpoint, our theory is that online shopping will be booming this year. Not only can the store be virtually open, this finally gives the retail employees a chance for a break this year. We all know those who either miss Thanksgiving or will have to wake up by 6am the next day to report to duty for the Black Friday craze. While shoppers may be disappointed, this gives retail workers a chance to embrace what Thanksgiving is really about.

With the convenience of shopping from home, what are small business doing? Not every business has an online shop setup. Well, the creativity is impeccable. Some small business owners are willing to virtually walk you through their shop in order to give you a similar experience and can then provide curb-side pickup for your choices. While that's innovative, it may not be practical — our team believes that e-commerce will start to boom even more.

Fun Facts: Small size turkey sales are up this year.

After Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday — what's next? We shouldn't forget about Giving Tuesday. Giving Tuesday is a special day to donate to a charity or non-profit that you're passionate about. Why this specific day? Deals! By "deals" we mean that your dollars are extended in many cases. Some of our favorite organizations have been so lucky to be partnering with donors that will match every additional donation that comes in on Giving Tuesday.

No matter how small you may think your gift to the organization is, it makes a difference.


Big-box retailers have spaced out their traditional Black Friday deals in order to prevent overcrowding in stores.


Many retailers will close their brick-and-mortar locations on Thanksgiving to protect the health of employees.


Some small businesses have even started offering Virtual shopping along with curbside pickup. The owner of Brooks Collection plans to keep her iPhone charged and ready for more FaceTime calls this holiday season to allow customers who don't feel comfortable coming inside to see her products up close.


Funny enough, smaller turkey sales are taking flight as people only need to feed about ten people per gathering now.



Stroke Life Center

After enjoying some good food and getting some online shopping deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, remember Stroke Life Center this Giving Tuesday. They support Stroke Survivors year-round. Without the kindness of the amazing people who give on Giving Tuesday, they wouldn't be able to achieve the community outreach that helps so many.

It's also important to note that all Donations Matched on Dec. 1st:

They have an awesome donator who has pledged to match all donations given on Dec. 1st! So, this is the only day of the year where your help is doubled!


Paws & Whiskers

They are extending their National Cat Day fundraiser to Giving Tuesday in hopes that they can help as many cats as possible. They are Toledo's only no-kill feline shelter and they are asking to donate in honor of a cat. You contribution will be placed on their Whiskers Wall of Fame.

They have a donor matching up to $2,000.