Training and Habits - NCSAM 2020

October 30, 2020 by
Training and Habits - NCSAM 2020
Lighthouse IT Solutions, Matthew Almendinger

The Lighthouse IT Podcast - October 30th, 2020

Being National Cyber Security Awareness Month, the podcasts this month will be a bit different! We are covering Training and Habits this week! We go over what it means to #BeCyberSmart and how you can help your business/peers stay safe from cyber criminals. Join us this week by filling out your own Cyber Smart Assessment! We will go through it together this month and at the end, you can submit your assessment to us, and we can review it together! This means you get to understand your network's position and obtain an action plan of how to make it ever more secure. Because after all, your network is only as strong as its weakest link. Still need to download it? Head on over to the download page.

Do Your Part. #BeCyberSmart

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