T-Mobile hack, Yik Yak back, OnlyFans (un)banning and more!

August 27, 2021 by
T-Mobile hack, Yik Yak back, OnlyFans (un)banning and more!
Lighthouse IT Solutions, Matthew Almendinger

**Please note**This podcast was recorded before OnlyFans' most recent statement, pulling a complete 180.

In other words, the ban we mention in this podcast is no longer happening.

The Lighthouse IT Podcast - August 27th, 2021

This week, we discuss a potentially fatal flaw in Apple products for people with pacemakers, the Conti Ransomware Operation, Walmart's new GoLocal service, changes in OnlyFans allowed content (and then their swift backpedaling), the revival of Yik Yak, the T-Mobile hack, a new Amazon department store, and the latest report from Facebook.

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Got a pacemaker? Maybe think Android

Magnetic components in Apple products may interfere with pacemakers! Apple released a tech support article if you want to learn more...


Conti Ransomware Operation using Atera Agent

Atera Agent granted secret "backdoor" behind Conti ransomware operation.


T-Mobile confirms it was hacked

"We have determined that unauthorized access to some T-Mobile data occurred, however we have not yet determined that there is any personal customer data involved" - T-Mobile

The seller said that 100 million people had their data compromised in the breach. In the forum post, they were offering data on 30 million people for 6 bitcoin, or around $270,000.

"We are confident that the entry point used to gain access has been closed" - T-Mobile


Let Walmart GoLocal handle the last mile logistics - New White Label Delivery Service

Walmart plans to offer its logistics and delivery services to other companies as part of a new last-mile delivery business.


OnlyFans plans on banning NSFW content

OnlyFans is a juggernaut of NSFW content, but its abundance of nudity has stopped the platform launching as an app on Google's Play Store and Apple's App Store. Now, though, the company is pushing a new app available on iOS and Android called OFTV. It features many regular OnlyFans creators but the content is strictly safe-for-work.

The company does not currently plan to charge for access to OFTV or place advertising on its content.

OnlyFans announced a ban on "sexually explicit" material effective October 1, 2021. Nudity will still be allowed, but OnlyFans has yet to detail where it will draw the line between acceptable and unacceptable content. OnlyFans said in a statement that it is making the change "to comply with the requests of our banking partners and payout providers." The new strategy also seems to be part of OnlyFans' attempt to attract investors at a valuation of $1 billion, a project that has reportedly hit a roadblock because of the site's content.


But wait! OnlyFans pulls a complete 180

They now say that they no longer plan of banning any NSFW content after listening to their content creators backlash.


Yik Yak is back from the dead

Anonymous messaging apps were all the rage back in the mid-2010s. Yik Yak, one of the most popular of those back in the day, shut down in 2017, but now it's back from the dead. A new version has hit the iOS App Store. (Yik Yak is only available in the US and on iPhone for now.)

As before, it's a message board app that connects you to other people in a five-mile radius. However, that localized aspect, plus the fact that users can post anonymously, led to reports of widespread bullying and harassment (and even bomb threats) on Yik Yak at colleges, high schools and elsewhere.

Along with mental health resources and guidance on staying safe, the app's website lays out extensive "community guardrails."


Amazon is opening a department store in Ohio and California

A year after The Wall Street Journal reported Amazon had an interest in using empty mall spaces as fulfillment centers, the business paper is back with a rumor that Amazon is planning to open department store-style locations of its own.


Latest report on what people are looking at on Facebook

Widely Viewed Content Report: What People See on Facebook - Q2 2021 reportQ2 2021 report