Ransomware vs Cyber Extortion, TikTok vs Instagram, & Apple vs Epic

March 22, 2024 by
Ransomware vs Cyber Extortion, TikTok vs Instagram, & Apple vs Epic
Matthew Almendinger

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This week, Matt & Griff discuss once again why it is so important to be proactive with your cybersecurity because even the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency isn't immune to hacks. Change Healthcare was also under a recent hack, bringing down numerous services, including prescription management. In good cybersecurity news, the amount of ransomware victims who break and pay the ransom is down to 29% compared to the 85% it was in 2019. Unsurprisingly, social media continues to grow, with TikTok introducing its own rival to Instagram, Google displaying businesses' social posts directly on the search results page, and BlueSky getting more and more users. We also go over how social media outages can be incredibly damaging for small businesses! There are also some updates to Google Ads, which will automatically pause ad groups with low impressions. In the recent State of the Union address, Biden talked about his desire to put a ban on AI deepfake impersonations, which are already being used by bad actors. Finally, closing out with some Apple news, we discuss the latest updates on the Vision Pro, the cancellation of Epic Games' developer account, and the EU requiring iOS app downloads directly from websites.

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