Our Odoo Journey Thus Far - with Matt & Nicole

May 3, 2024 by
Our Odoo  Journey Thus Far - with Matt & Nicole
Lighthouse IT Solutions, Matthew Almendinger

Welcome back to the Lighthouse IT Podcast! We have something a little different for you today. Last month, Matt had such a good conversation with our Operations Manager, Nicole, but that episode was so chock-full of great discussion that we had to break out this conversation into a part two!

We're glad to have you, and we hope you'll enjoy this alternate format for another episode of the podcast. 

LITS bits:

While Griff is still stuck in a well, we figured we'd release the rest of Matt and Nicole's great chat from last month! They go through process improvement, business operations, and a lot about a fantastic new system we are using internally, Odoo!

Enjoyed what you heard? We release a new episode every two weeks, so be sure to come back for the next one!