macOS Stealer, a WordPress Weakness, Age Verification Laws, & more!

May 5, 2023 by
macOS Stealer, a WordPress Weakness, Age Verification Laws, & more!
Lighthouse IT Solutions, Matthew Almendinger

The Lighthouse IT Podcast - May 5th, 2023

This week, Matt & Griff discuss a new opportunity for the unscrupulous, several vulnerabilities and several patches for them, Apple and Windows latest feature update, threats to internet freedom, and more.

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Looking for that next side hustle? Why not data stealing?

The latest malware for hire, Atomic macOS Stealer or AMOS for short, has hit the digital streets. For $1,000 a month you can use AMOS to be a nefarious hacker and steal passwords, data, contents of cryptowallets, and more. (Editor's note: This is a very bad thing, and you seriously shouldn't do it.)


Running Veeam for backup? Make sure you're patched.

A patch came out for Veeam back in March that fixes several vulnerabilities that hackers have been taking advantage of to steal data from Veeam databases. If you use Veeam, make sure you use install the patch.


WordPress plugin that's not been updated in 11 years source of exploitation by hackers.

WordPress is well known for having a ludicrous number of plugins you can use for their sites. However, not all those plugins are created equal, especially when they go un-updated for 11 years and become a massive security vulnerability.


SolarWinds platform vulnerabilities could enable privilege escalation.

Another platform with vulnerabilities that have a patch available now that you should install is SolarWinds. Especially due to the potential severity of exploits the vulnerabilities allow.


Vulnerable PaperCut software in the wild.

Oh hey look at that, more patches for more vulnerabilities, only this time its for the Print Management software.


Cybersecurity insurance is getting a lot harder to get - and pay for.

Cyber attacks are a major threat to the modern business, so many are looking to cybersecurity insurance as a way to protect themselves. However, the sudden spike in demand has also created a spike in prerequisites to qualify for this type of insurance.


Apple to include a journaling app in iOS 17.

Apple is set to release a new journaling app, and boy does it have a bunch of features. Of course it is already being met with mixed reviews, especially by app developers who have made similar third-party apps which are likely about to become a lot less downloaded by users.


Windows 11's limited iMessage integration has publicly launched.

The beta is finished and now the public can operate their iMessage app from their PC running Windows 11. Using the Phone Link app and a Bluetooth connection in conjunction with Windows 11 allows you to make & take calls, read & respond to texts, see notifications, and access your iOS contacts list.


Apple uses iOS and macOS rapid security response feature for the first time.

It took some time, but Apple has finally taken advantage of their Rapid Security Response feature in order to issue an update. We aren't sure what the update actually fixed, but at least we know the Rapid Security Response feature works.


Open discussion: are age verification and screen time limitation laws good for anyone?

Utah is working to make the internet much harder to use and much less private. Utah now requires that anytime anyone tries to access a website with content designed for individuals over 18 years old, the user will be required to submit verification of their ID card.