Establishing a New Norm - The Lighthouse IT Podcast

April 24, 2020 by
Establishing a New Norm - The Lighthouse IT Podcast
Lighthouse IT Solutions, Matthew Almendinger

In this week's podcast Matt brings in Lighthouse IT Solutions' marketing specialist, Griffin!

Together they encourage bringing business to normalcy within the COVID-19 crisis. What "normal" stands for may not have the same definition as it did earlier this year. In order to come out on top, an adaptable mentality will be key.

To learn more, listen to the last podcast here!

Many of us have now experienced what it's like to work remotely. There is a surplus of tools like video conferencing, VoIP phone systems, and cloud-based document management; these make remote working easily successful. If you have any troubles or want more information, be sure to reach out to your IT source or Lighthouse IT Solutions!

But don't forget about security. A larger digital presence will increase the risk of a cyber attack. We have good news though! There are steps to make your company more secure! Including two factor authentication and great anti-virus providers, like Sophos. Lighthouse IT Solutions even utilizes additional programs as added layer of monitoring protection.

Let's adapt now so we can follow with growth.

In our next podcast show, Griffin will be taking an in depth look at Momentum. Momentum is a service package that partnerships with Lighthouse IT have been offered since before this societal shift. We believe the tools and support within it are going to hold more value now than it ever has.

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