Google ends Web & Grammar Checks, Plus Hearing Typed Passwords?

August 11, 2023 by
Google ends Web & Grammar Checks, Plus Hearing Typed Passwords?
Lighthouse IT Solutions, Matthew Almendinger

The Lighthouse IT Podcast - August 9th, 2023

This week, Matt & Griff discuss the new owner or, several β€” questionable' choices and unfortunate happenings going on over at Google, a tragedy averted at, stealing passwords through sound, and more!

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News no longer redirects to ChatGPT, but instead to Elon Musk's

Back in February this year, OpenAI bought the domain and set it to redirect to ChatGPT, but now Elon has got his hands on it in an unknown deal.


Google's plan to kill the open web

We've strayed very far from back when Google's moto was "Don't be evil," as now they are looking to earn more money, by making the internet worse.


$5 billion Google lawsuit over β€” Incognito mode' tracking

It's common knowledge that β€” Private' browsers like Google Chrome's Incognito mode aren't actually very private. And now they could be in trouble for that as a lawsuit over the lack of privacy is one step closer to trail.


Grammar check now in Google Search

There is one nice thing Google has done recently, although they have warned that their grammar suggestions may not be 100% accurate. (Not that this will stop me from searching "name actor fast bus movie")


Is Google working on the most secure network ever?

An unhackable computer is one that is never turned on, but not connecting to the internet is also a pretty good method.


Attackers are using versioning to bypass Google Play malicious software detection

Automated processes are used to check any apps before they can be published on the Google Play store in order to ensure they are not malware, but what if an app gets updated after the checks have already been passed?

READ MORE uncovers major vulnerabilities

Many major companies that feature a customer rewards system use as their back-end, so it's a good thing these vulnerabilities were caught by security before hackers found them.


Password hacking via… microphone?

You may remember in one of our first podcast episodes we discussed researchers who figured out how to listen to conversations by recording vibrations in a lightbulb, well now some other researchers are able to figure out what you're typing by listening to it through your microphone.