Why Every Company Should Have a Better Cybersecurity Culture

October 15, 2021 by
Why Every Company Should Have a Better Cybersecurity Culture
Lighthouse IT Solutions, Matthew Almendinger

Cybersecurity is more than just antivirus software and firewalls. All the best cybersecurity technology you can buy is only there to assist the end-user with staying safe. However, if the end-user is not knowledgeable about cybersecurity, they can still make simple mistakes that nullify all that cybersecurity software you put in place. One of the titular aspects of cybersecurity that many companies gloss over is instilling a cybersecurity culture within their organization.

Cybersecurity culture ensures that everyone within an organization understands what cybersecurity is and what is required of them to stay safe online. The best first step in establishing a cybersecurity culture is to provide all employees with cybersecurity training. Proper training should result in employees understanding what cybersecurity risks are, how to avoid or minimize them, and how to identify and properly respond to a cybersecurity threat or breach. Additionally, since technology and methods of hacking are constantly evolving, cybersecurity training must evolve as well. What that means is that additional training will be required as new advancements are made.

Being able to address cybersecurity threats and breaches properly is one of the most essential aspects to teach employees. It is unlikely that you will be able to stop every single digital attack, so being able to respond to it appropriately is critical. This does not mean that everyone in an organization needs to understand isolating and removing malware from a network. Still, they all need to know how to identify and report the issue to someone who can resolve it. The steps for reporting a cyber attack should be quick, easy, and available for anyone to perform. The quicker an issue is reported, the quicker it can be resolved and minimize the damage. The most important goal is to avoid the worst-case scenario, where the attack is not reported, and the malware is left to infect and take down the entire network.

Good cybersecurity culture is just as necessary to an organization's cybersecurity as any other aspect. In order for an organization to ensure that it can stay secure and avoid facing the vast loss in money and time that cyber-attacks cause, it is imperative that it educate its members on how those attacks happen and how to stop them.

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