Zero Trust and NCSAM 2022!

October 28, 2022 by
Zero Trust and NCSAM 2022!
Matthew Almendinger

A vital aspect of any organization's cybersecurity is to have a sound cybersecurity framework. A cybersecurity framework is a series of policies and procedures that can be read and followed to establish and maintain cybersecurity for the organization. One of the most effective security frameworks you can find organizations using to protect their data is 'Zero Trust.'

Zero Trust is a security framework requiring all users to be authenticated and continuously validated to gain and retain access to the network and data on it. This is in contrast to traditional security frameworks, which only require authentication to enter the network, then the connected user is trusted. The main issue with conventional security frameworks is that they are significantly more vulnerable to internal threats and compromised credentials, which Zero Trust works to combat.

With Zero Trust security, even if a malicious actor has gained access to a network, they will still need to be able to provide authentication for any resources on that network. Traditional security vulnerabilities have only grown more prominent due to the rise of cloud-based and remote work, which means a network can be accessed from anywhere. Additionally, it is much harder to enforce proper security measures on remote devices; however, Zero Trust helps to ensure network security, even if a connected device's security is lacking.

Another advantage to Zero Trust security is the increase in your network's overall stability. This stability increase is due to the strict network segmentation inherent to Zero Trust, which means if an update or new installation causes issues, those issues are restricted from spreading.

While establishing an effective Zero Trust framework for your network will take time and effort, the resulting benefits make it absolutely worth it. Cybersecurity is imperative to all organizations, and the Zero Trust security framework is at the forefront of keeping your data safe and secure.

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